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  • Dr Asoka Bandarage, a student and practitioner, has taught at Yale, Brandeis, Mount Holyoke (the place she received tenure), Georgetown, American and different universities and colleges in the U.S. and overseas. Her research pastimes include social philosophy and focus; environmental sustainability, human well-being and health, international political-economy, ethnicity, gender, inhabitants, social actions and South Asia.

And in response to the latest ILO studies, as job losses increase because of lockdowns, practically half of the world team of workers is prone to dropping livelihoods, entry to meals and the means to live on. the world financial discussion board states that ‘With some 2.6 billion americans everywhere in some kind of lockdown, we are conducting arguably the largest psychological test ever.’

As governments and corporations tighten political authoritarianism and technological surveillance, curbing privacy and democratic protest, tons of humanity is succumbing to anxiety, depression and a way of powerlessness. international locations with probably the most harshest lockdowns, reminiscent of India, have viewed big increases in suicides.

Pandemic Narrative and Dissent

Dominant international political and economic institutions and the media latest their pandemic narrative as in line with scientific authority. although, there’s increasing dissension on the origin and prevention of the virus inside the biomedical occupation. Many physicians and scientists are questioning if COVID-19 is a natural prevalence or the manufactured from a leak from a lab experimenting with coronaviruses and bioweapons.

there is challenge over the accuracy of PCR assessments and false positives, as neatly because the classification of deaths effectively as COVID-19 deaths when an overwhelming variety of deaths are concerning pre-present ailments or comorbidities, corresponding to diabetes and coronary heart ailment. Even in line with November 25, 2020 CDC statistics, COVID-19 was the only reason for loss of life mentioned in only 6% of the deaths.

The disproportionately better charges of Covid deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives, as an instance, are as a result of better rates of weight problems, diabetes, bronchial asthma, and heart disease than amongst more privileged U.S. communities.

The Covid pandemic has no longer been the ‘amazing Equalizer’ as cautioned by means of the likes of big apple Governor Andrew Cuomo and participants of the area economic forum. somewhat, it has exacerbated latest inequalities alongside gender, race and economic type divides the world over.

just as unemployed and uninsured americans are pleading for aid, the combined wealth of U.S. billionaires ‘surpassed $1 trillion in positive aspects considering that March 2020 and the starting of the pandemic,’ based on a examine by using the Institute for coverage studies. The proper 5 U.S. billionaires – Jeff Bezos, invoice Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and Larry Ellison – saw their wealth develop via a complete of $101.7 billion, or 26%, all through this duration.

among the pandemic profiteers are CEOs of companies like Zoom and Skype offering video conferencing, and Amazon proposing on-line searching to residents below lockdown. Yet the success of those corporations has not translated into greater wages and safety circumstances for their personnel.

besides the fact that children, the political and ideological vigor of the billionaire classification and their influence over domestic and world policymaking are expanding. primary during this regard is billionaire invoice Gates’ valuable role in the development and advertising of vaccines and activity in use of vaccines as a way of inhabitants manage.

The pharmaceutical industry, i.e. huge Pharma, (together with vaccine producers) are commonplace for inflating expenditures, warding off taxes and manipulating the political technique to maximize earnings. sadly, this corrupt industry is a key participant within the race to conclusion the COVID-19 pandemic.

The incoming Biden administration within the US has got extensive funding from the pharmaceutical industry, yet they have not agreed to reduce the charge of a likely coronavirus vaccine developed with federal analysis bucks.

somewhat, the Biden administration, additionally closely funded through the massive tech, finance and protection sectors, is poised to facilitate ‘The brilliant Reset;’ the initiative to remake the submit-pandemic world order by means of the realm economic forum.

The ‘first-rate Reset’

the world economic forum (WEF), which identifies itself as ‘the foreign organization for public-inner most partnership,’ (i.e., like the Council on overseas members of the family, a geopolitical corporate vigor company) sees the social and financial devastation caused via the COVID-19 pandemic as a ‘entertaining window of chance to form the healing.’

speakme at a conference geared up through the WEF in June 2020, former US Secretary of State, John Kerry expressed problem:

“Forces and pressures that have been pushing us into disaster over the social contract are now exacerbated… the area is coming apart, dangerously, when it comes to world institutions and management.”

The ‘excellent Reset’ estimated by means of the WEF seeks to address these challenges through radical international restructuring. It seeks to reinvent ‘the priorities of societies, the character of company fashions and the management of a world commons… to construct a brand new social contract…,’ with sustainable building and resilience as its optimum objectives.

At its next annual gathering of the rich and strong in Davos, Switzerland in January 2021, the WEF is anticipated to undertake the superb Reset and additionally comprise formative years leaders from all over the world into the initiative through a digital summit.

The cited dreams of sustainability and resilience are laudable, however many are questioning the true targets of both the WEF and the notable Reset. The pandemic simulation known as adventure 201, as an instance, changed into carried out in October 2019, about three months before the COVID-19 outbreak by using the world economic forum in conjunction with the Johns Hopkins core for fitness security and the bill and Melinda Gates groundwork.

The simulation estimated as much as 65 million deaths because of a coronavirus. Many are questioning why these effective companies, having apparently already run the exact state of affairs as a check, didn’t prevent or as a minimum prepare the realm for the approaching viral outbreak.

The world political economy has been relocating within the course of increasing technological and market integration through social media, synthetic intelligence and biotechnology. within the wake of COVID-19, the trends in opposition t digitalization and commoditization of economic and social family members have elevated.

The ‘brilliant Reset’ seeks to speed up and solidify these developments in addition to expand company manage of natural resources and state surveillance of people. in the publish-pandemic ‘great Reset,’ there would now not be tons life left outside the technological-company nexus dominated by means of monolithic agribusiness, pharmaceutical, communique, protection and different inter-connected companies, and the governments and media serving them.

The proponents of the ‘amazing Reset’ envisage a courageous New World the place, ‘you’re going to own nothing. and you will be satisfied. whatever thing you desire, you will rent, and it will be delivered by way of drones…´ however is greater seemingly that this elite-led revolution will make the significant majority of humanity a powerless, appendage of know-how with little attention and which means in their lives.


The mainstream media establishment tends to solid all critiques of the dominant Covid narrative and options as ‘conspiracy theories.’ Yet, more and more people are questioning the narrative on the origin and management of the pandemic and, instead, see the deserve to shift to a really democratic, simply and ecological civilization.

many of the anti-lockdown protests world wide have had a restricted center of attention on social restrictions and private freedom, wants continually in tune with the individualism of globalized consumer culture. while these have gained some consideration within the mainstream media by means of their acceptability, the greater concentrated and innovative calls for for social and financial rights by way of civil society corporations have bought scant consideration.

These include demands by using a large number of organizations, corresponding to Oxfam foreign, to make COVID-19 drugs and vaccines free and fair for all. there’s also a requirement for a global public inquiry, to be led by means of independent scientists, to collect evidence on the beginning and evolution of COVID-19. moreover, there is a call for a world Biowarfare Crimes Tribunal, to convey perpetrators of the pandemic to justice, whether they be from the us or China.

The typical objective of those calls for is in more advantageous transparency, ethics and accountability in the use of expertise, notably biotechnology and vaccines towards COVID-19 and other viruses. The demand for enforcement of the organic Weapons convention calls on the ‘international locations of the world, China, Russia, the USA, to come back together to enforce more suitable verification systems for fighting the production of organic weapons sooner or later, before the realm is put through distinctive pandemics to return’. These are issues to be included in an choice ethical, clever and compassionate ‘great Reset.’

The Covid pandemic is a turning factor, a chance to alternate. The reset we want now isn’t the creation of a ‘post-human, submit-nature’ world described via unregulated corporate-led growth of synthetic intelligence and biotechnology. We deserve to steadiness digitalization and commoditization with an ecological reset, a method of living that respects the atmosphere, promotes agroecology, bioregionalism and native communities.

We deserve to carry our focus and knowing of humanity as a species in nature, our connectedness to each different and the relaxation of planetary existence.

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